We provide a multitude of value added services which cover a range of the most important compliance concerns an employer has. It is no surprise that the requirements are always changing, but these value added services will keep you updated with pertinent updates and actions you may be required to take. You should be able to focus on running your business or managing employees. We will give you the tools to stay in compliance.

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At Foy Benefits, we know that this type of program will make a difference in the sustainability of costs and encourages employees to build savings in their HSA. But we also know that to be different, this must be communicated one to one to the employees. We have pioneered this approach and acquired the software to accomplish this with ease. This personal review of the new plan with employees will assist in alleviating any concerns that could potentially arise. We make sure the employees know that we are there for them and they can call us with any question or issue that comes up. We also review the benefits of account based health plans and encourage them to manage their HSA and healthcare costs more efficiently. Any dollar they save in their HSA means the employer has saved it in their HRA.

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We are not the typical health insurance agency who sends a spreadsheet every year with plans to choose from. We think about the program strategically every year. Rate increases shouldn’t always have to result in sacrificing benefits to the employees. Our partnership with AHR taught us that by utilizing a simple, 3-pronged approach, your insurance program will be sustainable for more than a renewal at a time. We will work with you to make sure that the objectives we established are being met and advise if any adjustments should be made. From there, if a change is made that is significant to your employees, we will provide the one to one communication to show how and why the adjustments were made.

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